Music Podcasts with David Ross

Music Podcast Interviews with David Ross. 

Here is a collection of music podcast interviews that I’ve done since founding my business in September of 2021. I’ve very much enjoyed being able to sit down and speak with fellow guitar players and musicians and have conversations about my journey as a guitar tech and guitar pedal manufacturer. In these interviews there are some common themes that come up, like how I began playing guitar in 2004 and was lucky that my father Eric Ross is a professional music teacher and avant-garde jazz musician. I started playing on his 1972 Gibson SG Deluxe before getting a Behringer Stratocaster copy as my first guitar. I bonded with that guitar when I realized I was able to play music that I was personally interested in.

In these podcasts we also discuss how I eventually started playing a B.C. Rich NT Warlock, before moving onto a 2005 Gibson Les Paul Standard in April of 2017, and how it’s been my #1 guitar ever since. Additionally, we talk about how in 2008 my interests changed from playing guitar, to building and repairing them. Since that time, I’ve been a committed luthier have spent countless hours researching, meeting with professionals in the industry, and doing practical guitar building, guitar mods, and guitar repairs in my home workshop.

We also end up touching on my start as a guitar effects pedal builder and the beginning of this journey from 2016 until now. I go into detail about the origins of the Winter Storm guitar pedal and the Spellbook guitar pedal, and give insights into how those guitar pedals came to life. I hope you’ll check out not only my episode, but episodes from other guests as well. 

Huge thank you to the Phillip from the 40 Watt Podcast, Jake from the Man The Helm Podcast, David from the Guitar Gavel Podcast, Max and Brian from the Sonic Artifacts Podcast, Coop from The Spoken Metal Show Podcast, Chris from the ElectrikJam Podcast, and Mark Hopkins from the At Home With Mark podcast for taking the time to speak with me. I greatly appreciate it!


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David Ross on The Spoken Metal Show Podcast