Warranty & Returns

David Ross Musical Instruments offers a 1 month non-transferable warranty from the date of purchase for any problem related to the function or operation of the product due to faulty parts and/or internal issues. You may also return the item within this period if you are not completely satisfied with it. A refund will be initiated if the item clears inspection for damage, repair attempts or modifications and the product owner assumes return shipping costs..

In the event that it becomes necessary to return the product within the warranty period, David Ross Musical Instruments will cover the cost of shipping and repairs. For products that fall outside of the warranty time frame, all shipping charges will be covered by the customer. If you need to ship the product, it will need to be securely packed, have postage prepaid and be insured for the amount that it was purchased for. Additionally, you will need to provide a copy of proof of purchase.

If you are a non-original owner who needs a product repaired, the owner/buyer is responsible for a $25 per hour bench fee in addition to parts replacement and return insured shipping. International owners must assume all shipping expenses under all conditions (new or used).

Please use Contact Us to show proof of purchase and to begin the warranty process. You may also get in contact if you need guidance on troubleshooting your issue, or if you have any other questions relating to your purchase.