Guitar Repairs in Tioga County, N.Y.

Do you need electric guitar repairs? If you’re located in Tioga County, N.Y. and you need someone to setup your guitar with new strings, or if you have a project guitar that needs extensive repair work, no matter what the issue is, I am the one you should speak to. My name is David Ross and I am a guitar repairman. Additionally, I design my own line of guitar effects pedals and manufacture them from scratch. I am also a music enthusiast and I have a passion for blues music. I’ve played with the Eric Ross Blues Band and we’ve performed at a number of local venues and festivals including the Blues on the Bridge festival, July Fest, I’ve also played at the Ransom Steele Tavern, and the first gig I ever played was at the La Scala Ristorante in Owego, N.Y. I know about the wear and tear that every guitar experiences when gigging and I’d be happy to get your guitar playing as best as it possibly can. In addition to guitar repairs, I also sell my own line of guitar effects pedals and am currently selling the Winter Storm guitar pedal which can be found on my shop page.

If you’re a guitar player in Tioga County N.Y. and need your guitar repaired by a professional, below is a list of different types of guitar repair services that I provide. In addition to electric guitar repairs, I am also comfortable doing acoustic guitar repairs and bass guitar repairs. If you have a problem that you’d like to talk about with me, you can call or email me on the Contact page. My business is open Monday-Saturday, 9am-5pm. Thank you!


  • Assessment – Full assessment of the guitar, the issues the owner is having, and anything that I notice that needs to be addressed.
  • Cleaning – Thoroughly cleaning each guitar from top to bottom. Often this is overlooked but it’s a key component in making a guitar play well.
  • Intonation – Adjusting the saddles to have notes on the open strings be the same as the notes at the octaves (12th & 24th frets).
  • Height of strings – Largely based on player preference. It is where I set the strings at a comfortable distance off the frets/fretboard.
  • Truss rod – I check that the truss rod works smoothly and that the neck is straight/has a comfortable amount of relief.
  • Strings – Changing the old strings and installing new ones. I also wind them correctly around the posts.
  • Cosmetics – Touching up dings, scratches, or damage in the finish of the guitar.

Fret work:

Practically every guitar needs fretwork, even new guitars. It is often overlooked by the factories due to costs. Older guitars in particular need fretwork due to the amount of wear they experience in their lifetimes. I have tools and experience to do it correctly.

  • The standard option involves levelling, crowning, dressing, and polishing the frets in that order. If the frets are particularly low or worn, the other is a refret. For both jobs I use my Erlewine Neck Jig which enables control when doing this work.


  • This involves replacing, repairing, or upgrading parts such as tuners, bridges, pickguards, screws, and more. 


  • Replacing, repairing, and/or creating from scratch nuts from bone, brass, or composite materials.


  • Repairing damage and structural issues for guitar depending on the type. This can include damage to headstocks, stripped screw holes, regluing braces, and cracks.


  • Modifications to electronics which includes coil splitting, series/parallel switching, rewinding or installing new pickups, or replacing components such as pots and caps.

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