Guitar Repair in Broome County, N.Y.

If you’re a guitar player and need professional guitar repair in Broome County, N.Y. look no further. If you need something simple like having your main guitar cleaned and setup with new strings, or if you have a guitar that needs a complete overhaul or a full guitar restoration, I am the person to speak to. My name is David Ross and I am a guitar repairman. In addition to that, I am a guitar pedal designer and manufacturer, and a music enthusiast with a passion for blues music. My father Eric Ross is a local musician and the one responsible for teaching me to play blues guitar. He’s shared the stage with B.B. KingBuddy GuyLonnie BrooksChampion Jack DupreeKenny NealSonny Terry & Brownie McGhee and many others. We always keep an eye out for blues music when they pass through Broome County and the surrounding areas. I’ve been fortunate to see Robert Cray perform at the Anderson Center at Binghamton University in 2018, I’ve also seen Joe Louis Walker perform in downtown BinghamtonShemekia Copeland perform at the Center for the Arts of Homer, N.Y. and Joe Bonamassa at the Landmark Theatre in Syracuse, N.Y.

If you’re a guitar player in Broome County and need professional guitar repair, below is a list of the services I provide. If you have a specific problem that you’d like to discuss with me, you can call at 607-232-9994 or message me via the Contact page to set up an appointment. I’m open Monday-Saturday, 9am-5pm. Thank you!


  • Overview – This is where I assess the overall condition of the guitar and its issues. Once this task is completed I can give the customer a better idea of what type of maintenance it could use in addition to the initial guitar repairs.
  • Cleaning – This step is that is often overlooked by guitar players but it makes a big difference in terms of playability. This is something that I do on every guitar that comes to me, I clean each guitar from top to bottom and do it thoroughly.
  • Intonation – This is where I adjust the saddles to make certain that the notes for open strings are the same as the octaves.
  • Adjusting the string height – This is based off of player preference. It is where I set the strings at a proper height off the frets/fretboard.
  • Adjusting the truss rod – I check to see that the truss rod works smoothly and that the neck is straight or has a preferred amount of relief.
  • String change – Removing the old strings and installing new ones while winding them correctly around the tuning posts.
  • Cosmetic repair – This involves touching up dings and scratches in the finish of the guitar.

Fret work:

One very common issue for guitar players is when their guitar buzzes, or when the notes choke out or die. It’s one of the most involved repairs for any guitar repairman to solve. The major cause is the fact that the frets are not level, although there are other culprits that may play a part. Most every guitar needs fretwork at some point and many guitars need it from the factory. This is not an easy or cheap repair but I have tools and experience to do it correctly.

  • There are usually two options when it comes to fretwork, one involves levelling, crowning, dressing, and polishing the frets that are already on the fretboard. The other is a refret, which occurs when the frets are too low to take another levelling. For both jobs I use my Erlewine Neck Jig which allows a great deal of control when doing this type of work.


  • I can do many different types of modifications to the hardware on your guitar. This can include replacing or upgrading parts such as tuners, bridges, pickguards, screws, and much more. 


  • I offer nut replacement, repair, and fabrication from scratch with proper string spacing and cut slots. I prefer working with bone due to its hardness but I’m also comfortable working with other materials such as brass or composites. This is often an overlooked part of guitar manufacturing and it’s important for tuning stability and playability overall.

Structural repair:

  • Depending on the severity I do offer structural repairs for guitar. This can include repairing broken headstocks, stripped screw holes, gluing braces, and fixing cracks in acoustic guitar tops and other damage.


  • I can do many different types of electronic modifications to your guitar which includes coil splitting, series/parallel switching, installing and fitting new pickups, replacing potentiometers and capacitors or doing mods to wiring. I also can create guitar pickups from scratch. Here is a set of humbuckers which I designed in SketchUp, resin 3D printed, wound and assembled myself. I installed them in my old B.C. Rich NT Warlock and it turned out great!

*If you have a more specific problem, feel free to contact me and we can discuss it.