Guitar Repair in Cortland County, N.Y.

Do you need acoustic guitar repairs? If you’re located in Cortland County, N.Y. and you need someone to setup your guitar, give an assessment, or do extensive repairs, I’d like to offer my services. My name is David Ross and I am a guitar repairman and began in 2008. I do acoustic guitar repairs, electric guitar repairs, and bass guitar repairs. I also design my own line of guitar effects pedals and manufacture them at my workshop in Binghamton, N.Y. I spent time attending SUNY Cortland which is where I decided that I wanted to pursue guitar building and guitar repair as a career. I’m also a music lover and have enjoyed attending shows at the Center for the Arts of Homer.

If you’re a guitar player or bass guitar player in Cortland County N.Y. and need your guitar professionally repaired, check out the different types of guitar repair services that I provide below. My business is open Monday-Saturday, 9am-5pm, and if you’d like to discuss your guitar repair needs, feel free to get in touch with me via the Contact page. Thank you!


  • Assessment – I give a complete assessment of the guitar to the owner, letting them know of any issues with their guitar in addition to fixing the problems they brought it in for.
  • Cleaning – Thoroughly cleaning the guitar from top to bottom. While overlooked by many guitar players, this is a key component to making a guitar play well.
  • Intonation – This is where I adjust the saddles to allow open notes to be the same as the octave notes (12th & 24th frets) when fretted.
  • String height – Based off of player preference, this is where the strings are set at a comfortable distance off the frets/fretboard.
  • Truss rod – This involves making adjustments when necessary, and making sure that the truss rod works works smoothly. Typically set so that the neck is straight or has a comfortable amount of relief.
  • String Change – I typically change the strings on all guitars that come in for repairs to the players preferred specs and install new ones which are wound correctly around the posts.
  • Cosmetics – Fixing dings, dents, scratches, or damage in the finish of the guitar.

Fret work:

All guitars need fret work in order to get the best playability. Older guitars especially need fret work due to the amount of wear they experience over time. If your guitar buzzes, if you have dead frets, and you’re not sure why, the reason may be due to the frets not being level. If you have these types of problems, I have tools and experience to get your guitar playing as best as it can.

  • The standard procedure for doing fret work involves levelling, crowning, dressing, and polishing the frets. If the frets are particularly low or worn, the other option is a refret. For both jobs I use my Erlewine Neck Jig which is a precision tool for this type of work.


  • This involves cleaning, removing rust, replacing, repairing, or upgrading parts. This can include tuners, pickguards, bridges, screws, electronics and more.


  • This typically involves replacing, repairing, or creating nuts from scratch. My preferred material is bone, although I can work with brass or composite materials.


  • Repairing damage and structural issues for acoustic guitars, electric guitars, or bass guitars. This will depend on the damage in question. This can include damage to headstocks, necks, bodies, stripped screw holes, loose braces, and cracks.


  • I can do a variety of modifications to your guitars electronics which can include coil splitting, series/parallel switching, rewinding pickups, installing new pickups, or replacing parts such as potentiometers and capacitors.

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