Guitar Repair in Chenango County, N.Y.

Are you a guitar player in Chenango County, N.Y. and need guitar repairs? If so, I hope you’ll consider giving me a call or sending me a message via my Contact page. My name is David Ross and I first became interested in guitar repair back around 2008. Since that time I’ve dedicated myself to the craft and officially started my business in the fall of 2021 to serve guitar players and enthusiasts. In addition, I’m a music lover and have a fondness for the blues. Whenever there are bands playing locally I try and catch them. I was fortunate to see Joe Louis Walker perform at the Earlville Opera House in Earlville, N.Y. and am very much looking forward to the Chenango Blues Festival.

If you’re located in Chenango County and need your guitar professionally repaired, below is a list of repairs that I provide. If you have an issue that you’d like to discuss with me, you can call or message me via the Contact page to set up an appointment. I am open Monday-Saturday, 9am-5pm. Thank you!


  • Appraisal – This is an assessment of the condition of the guitar and its issues. Upon completion, I give the customer an idea of what type of work the guitar needs in addition to what it was initially brought in for.
  • Detailing – Thoroughly cleaning the guitar from top to bottom. This allows me to be certain that there are no issues in relation to dirt or grime on the instrument. It also allows the guitar to play at peak performance.
  • Intonation – Adjustment of the bridge saddles which allows the open strings to be the same as the octave notes.
  • String height adjustment – Based on player preference, it is where I set the strings at a comfortable height off the frets/fretboard.
  • Truss rod adjustment – I make sure the truss rod turns freely, and that the neck is straight or has a desirable amount of relief.
  • String change – Installing new strings while winding them correctly around the tuning posts. This is something that I typically do whenever a guitar comes in for service.
  • Cosmetic repairs – Touching up dings and scratches in the finish of the guitar.


This involves solving a problem that is very common, but can also be very tricky to deal with. When a guitar has dead frets, if the strings buzz, or the notes choke out, it means that the frets are not level. This is not an easy or cheap repair but I have tools and experience to do it correctly.

  • There are usually two options when it comes to fretwork, either levelling, crowning, dressing, and polishing the frets that are already on the fretboard, or refretting the guitar. Refretting occurs when the frets are already too low to take another levelling which is typical for older guitars. For both jobs I use my Erlewine Neck Jig.


  • I can do many changes or modifications to hardware on your guitar, whatever you desire. This can involve replacing, repairing, or upgrading parts such as tuners, bridges, pickguards, screws, and more. 


  • I can replace, repair, or create nuts from scratch. I typically use bone for its hardness, but can also fabricate using brass or composite materials.

Repairing damage:

  • I can do structural repairs on guitars but this is largely case by case. This can include repairing damage to headstocks, stripped screw holes, braces, and correcting cracks among other issues.


  • I can do a variety of modifications to the electronics of your guitar. This includes coil splitting, series/parallel switching, rewinding or installing new pickups, or replacing components such as pots or caps.

*If you have a specific issue, feel free to contact me and we can speak in detail.